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Being a professional dancer, my body is put through its paces everyday. Not only are you required to put enormous physical stress on your body, you must also look the part as well. I've always been fairly active, but it wasn't until i met Jamie Sawyer, did my training completely change for the better.

Obviously one of my main concerns with my training was injury prevention. Jamie created specific nutritional and training programs for me to follow, which included varying techniques from Pilates to Strength training and Olympic lifting!!  To my joy i was now injury free, fit enough to go through the greulling schedule of being on tour and in the best shape of my life. Jamie's advice and training has certainly given me confidence of a prolonged career, be it on MTV or on various catwalks throughout the world. I know whatever the job may be, Jamie is the man to prepare me for it.

In over 16 years of boxing experience - as an England amateur International and now as a World No. 1 ranked professional - I’ve travelled the globe and worked with some of the leading coaches, trainers, conditioners and fitness instructors my sport has to offer. However, seldom have I discovered an individual as well-rounded, astute and knowledgeable as Jamie ‘Jazz’ Sawyer, or, ‘Mr Perfect’ as he’s known in the industry.   ‘Perfect’ by name and perfect by nature, Jamie’s thirst for utter perfection in every aspect of his game puts many of his rivals to shame. Also, I use the term ‘rivals’ loosely. After all, I’ve worked with some of the best trainers America, Russia and Cuba can boast, and Jamie remains comfortably in a league of his own. In actual fact, he’s playing a different sport altogether! Jamie is the Miles Davis of his field - unquestionably miles ahead of the rest.   Whether it be strength training, Pilates, Boxing, Plyometrics, Wrestling, Yoga or even simply a nutritional program, Jamie is not only an authority in each field, but is up to date with all the world’s cutting edge research, and incorporates these specialist training methods into my daily sessions.   The saying goes, ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’. Well since being privileged enough to work with Jamie, not only have I scored spectacular K.O after spectacular K.O, my strength has improved by 42%, and my running and agility drills have been catapulted to a new stratosphere. The proof is, indeed, in the pudding, and Jamie Sawyer invented the recipe!

"I had very specific goals when I decided to use the services of a Personal Trainer. In the past I'd used trainers who told me they were the best in the business, they all lied, Jamie is the BEST trainer I have ever worked with. My goal was to achieve a physique that would get me on the cover of Men's Health and that I did. Jamie developed a program that was easy to do, yet give me results. Unlike training with other people Jamie's dedication to my cause was unquestionable. It is Jamie's motivation without being a bully; his encouragement without being threatening and his desire to see results that make me recommend him without reservation.

David 'The Hayemaker' Haye

Andi Peters

Fiona Fagan

It's no coincidence that whoever Jamie works with achieves great results. You only have to look at World Heavy Weight Champion David Haye or my team last year, London Welsh to see the quality of Jamie's training.

I have had the benefit through my 10 year in professional sport to have worked with some of the best conditioners in the Northern Hemisphere and in my opinion Jamie should be held in the same regard. In the one yearn spent with Jamie I have never been in better shape. I achieved my lowest ever body fat score whilst being the strongest I have ever been. I am not the only success story - there wasn't one of our players last year who hadn't dramatically improved their body composition.

If you want results then Jamie is the man to see.

Ben Gotting

 England U21, Worcester Warriors, London Wasps, London Scottish, London Welsh Rugby Union Player

Over the last year (Summer 2009 – Summer 2010) Jamie has been a massive help in aiding me during my time at London Welsh not only to get the gains I needed in the gym to perform but also in returning from injury twice.

The first injury I suffered from two bulged discs in my neck that caused nerve loss and muscle atrophy down my right arm, secondly I snapped my MCL in my left knee. Jamie was always there to help in my recovery to fitness and give me tips on new exercises that would stimulate and heal damaged areas where the nerves were not firing.

I feel without Jamie’s help my recovery time for both injuries would have been longer. Having trained with Jamie, from the word go, I found his training ethic both for himself and for the people he is training makes you want to work harder.

Tom Brown Cardiff Blues RFC

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Jamie is a world class strength and conditioner.

Having worked under many of this countries highly respected Strength and Conditioning Coaches, it was a great pleasure to be trained by Jamie who proved exactly why he has achieved so much with his clients and athletes. His contribution and expertise in a team environment led London Welsh to their most successful season in many years, season 2009-10, finishing 3rd in the Championship.

I will continue to recommend Jamie to my clients, teams and individual athletes as there is no substitute for his dedication to the health and well-being of the individual coupled with what he has achieved with elite athletes at the highest level. Those accolades speak very much for themselves.

Paul Sampson

England International,  London Wasps, Worcester Warriors, Bath, Blackheath, London Welsh Rugby Union Player

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