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all belts and gloves, cruiser

Through a relationship spanning 6 years, David Haye and Jamie Sawyer saw vast success within the boxing world.  From being crowned European Cruiserweight title, through to the WBA Heavyweight Champion of the World, stopping off on the way, unifying the Cruiserweight division holding WBC WBA and WBO titles. A journey which included meeting the likes of the giant Nikoli Valuev, hard hitter Enzo Maccarinelli, cruiserweight legend Jean Marc Mormeck and heavyweight hard man John Riuz inside the ring and Evander Holyfield, Frank Bruno and Ricky Hatton outside the ring.

"In over 16 years of boxing experience - as an England amateur International and now as a Two Weight World Champion and World No. 1 ranked professional - I’ve travelled the globe and worked with some of the leading coaches, trainers, conditioners and fitness instructors my sport has to offer. However, seldom have I discovered an individual as well-rounded, astute and knowledgeable as Jamie ‘Jazz’ Sawyer, or, ‘Mr Perfect’ as he’s known in the industry.   ‘Perfect’ by name and perfect by nature, Jamie’s thirst for utter perfection in every aspect of his game puts many of his rivals to shame. Also, I use the term ‘rivals’ loosely. After all, I’ve worked with some of the best trainers America, Russia and Cuba can boast, and Jamie remains comfortably in a league of his own. In actual fact, he’s playing a different sport altogether! Jamie is the Miles Davis of his field - unquestionably miles ahead of the rest.   Whether it be strength training, Pilates, Boxing, Plyometrics, Wrestling, Yoga or even simply a nutritional program, Jamie is not only an authority in each field, but is up to date with all the world’s cutting edge research, and incorporates these specialist training methods into my daily sessions.   The saying goes, ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’. Well since being privileged enough to work with Jamie, not only have I scored spectacular K.O after spectacular K.O, my strength has improved by 42%, and my running and agility drills have been catapulted to a new stratosphere. The proof is, indeed, in the pudding, and Jamie Sawyer invented the recipe!"

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